Arles Image Web Page Creator 10.0
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Arles Image Web Page Creator 10.0

Free It is a program that allows you to create online image galleries
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Arles Image Web Page Creator is an HTML image gallery creator. It allows you to create HTML pages that contain thumbnails of your pictures and links to open them in full-size. It can generate the webpages for you, or you can simply copy the HTML code to a website of yours and customize it.

Adding images to the galleries is as easy as telling the application where they are located. By simply selecting a folder, all the images inside get selected. If there are video files inside, the app will create a thumbnail of the first image in it and add it to the gallery as well. After the images are added, you can preview the images on a built-in browser or you can create a sample HTML website to test it out on your browser of preference.

The final result is not the most flashy one you will see, but it does work. You can customize several things about the final gallery. For example, you can change the sizes of the thumbnails and how those will react to clicks. You can have images open in pop-up windows, or you can have them show one by one, giving the user control of that via a playback menu. You can also add titles to the images. Advanced users can play with the HTML code to improve the results.

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  • Not the flashiest results


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